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Miles Away From Oregon, the Longest Armed Standoff in U.S. History Quietly Comes to a Close in Texas After 15 Years

A nearly 15-year armed standoff along the Trinity River in Texas quietly came to a close Wednesday after a reporter informed John Joe Gray that a district attorney actually had dropped the charges against him way back in December 2014. This longest armed standoff in U.S. history began in 1999 when Gray, a carpenter linked […]

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Baltimore Sun Editor Calls for ‘Searchable Database’ of Gun Owners

An editor from the Baltimore Sun called for the creation of a publicly available database listing gun owners and their respective locations in an opinion piece published Thursday in the wake of President Barack Obama’s announcement of an executive order calling for the expansion of background checks in gun sales. In her piece titled “Do You […]

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Here’s Why the NRA Declined to Participate in Obama’s Town Hall on Guns

The National Rife Association has declined to send official representatives to President Barack Obama’s “town hall on guns,” which will take place Thursday evening. “The National Rifle Association sees no reason to participate in a public relations spectacle orchestrated by the White House,” Andrew Arulanandam, managing director of the NRA’s public affairs office, told TheBlaze […]

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Obama Tears? Watch the Video — My Bet’s On Menthol

Watch the video. President Barack Obama wasn’t crying during his announced executive actions on gun control – he was faking. The production opens with Obama speaking of unalienable rights and the pursuit of happiness and how those high-schoolers at Columbine and first-graders at Newtown were deprived, due to lost lives from gun violence. He pauses […]

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Why Did YouTube Shut Down One of the Most Popular Gun Channels?

Hickok45′s fans and subscribers were shocked to discover when they logged onto YouTube Wednesday morning that the popular firearm-toting channel had been shut down for “repeated violations of Google’s policies.” Hickok45’s YouTube channel shutdown — (@Guns_com) January 6, 2016 The YouTube channel features segments following “Hickok45″ as he shoots from a vast array […]

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Watch U.S. Veteran’s Response When Anti-Gun British Reporter Asks Him If He’s Actually ‘Proud’ to Live in His Country

When asked if he was “proud” of the number of Americans who die by gunshot wounds every year, a U.S. veteran said he didn’t know how to answer due to the phrasing of the question. Instead, during an appearance on Britain’s Channel 4 News, Armed American Radio reporter Neil McCabe argued that Americans, including himself, […]

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Exclusive: As President, Ted Cruz Vows to Make It Harder to Purchase Guns — for Criminals

CHEROKEE, Iowa —  On the campaign trail, Republican Iowa frontrunner Ted Cruz consistently gets big cheers for his staple line vowing to undo President Barack Obama’s “unconstitutional” executive actions on guns. It’ll be one of his first acts in office, the Texas senator says. But in a quieter moment on his campaign bus this afternoon, […]

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