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‘I Can’t Do This Again’: King Walks Out of State of the Union Address Due to Obama’s Stance on Abortion

Republican Rep. Steve King of Iowa stepped out of the House chamber where the State of the Union address was about to take place Tuesday, electing to pray in the members’ chapel during the speech due to President Barack Obama’s stance on abortion. “When the president announced that he would have an empty seat up […]

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‘Mr. President…’: Evangelist Pens Open Letter Accusing Obama of Getting the Gun Issue Totally Wrong

Evangelist Franklin Graham penned an open letter to President Barack Obama this week, writing that the commander in chief is “looking at the wrong place when it comes to the root cause of gun violence.” Graham said in a Facebook post that he believes Obama’s recently announced executive actions will do nothing to curb the […]

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‘Is It Fair to Call it a Conspiracy?’: CNN Host Presses Obama When He Laughs Off Those Who Say He Wants to ‘Take Everybody’s Guns Away’

CNN host Anderson Cooper challenged President Barack Obama during a town hall Thursday, asking the president whether it is fair to dismiss those who believe he wants to “take everybody’s guns away” as conspiracy theorists. The exchange came when Obama addressed “this notion of a conspiracy out there” to confiscate guns. “Let me just jump […]

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Arizona Sheriff Challenges Obama: What Shooting Specifically Would Your Exec Actions Have Prevented?

An Arizona sheriff running for Congress challenged President Barack Obama during a town hall on guns Thursday, asking the president to identify exactly what shooting his recent executive actions would have prevented. “Mr. President, you’ve said you have been frustrated by Congress. As a sheriff, I often times get frustrated. But I don’t make the […]

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Rape Survivor & Mom of Two Confronts Obama on Guns: Why Can’t You See You’re Making Me ‘Less Safe’?

A rape survivor and mother of two confronted President Barack Obama during a Thursday town hall, asking the president why his administration favors measures that “make it harder for me to own a gun” and in turn “less safe.” Kimberly Corban, who survived a 2006 rape while studying at a Colorado college, presented her question […]

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