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‘A Grim Milestone’: Chicago Sees Shocking Increase in Number of Shootings This Year

The number of shootings this year alone in Chicago has already surpassed 1,000, marking the steepest increase in the Windy City in decades — something the Chicago Tribune described as a “grim milestone.” As of Wednesday, according to Tribune records, the total number of shootings stood at 1,008, which includes the 4-year-old boy who suffered […]

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A Common Sense Approach to the Second Amendment

Apr. 22, 2016 8:28am Liz Lazarus As much as the Second Amendment debate has heated up in this election year, I often wonder why we’ve made guns the “bad guy.” Guns don’t kill people – people kill people. Last October, Adacia Chambers plowed her car into a crowd of spectators at an Oklahoma State University […]

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‘That Is Wrong’: Controversial Front-Lawn Display Takes Aim at Islam — and Local Muslim Community Isn’t Too Happy About It

One Illinois man is making headlines for the shotgun-toting silhouette he has in his front yard. However, the reason his display is drawing attention has less to do with guns and more to do with what, or whom, the firearm is “aiming” at. Hunter with shotgun silhouette in Dennis Murdy’s front yard. (Image source: WKTV-TV) […]

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If You Saw a Celebrity Wearing One of These Bracelets at Oscars, They Were Making a Subtle Anti-Gun Statement

If you were one of the millions of people to watch the 88th Annual Academy Awards Sunday, you may have noticed some celebrities trying to make a very subtle, albeit very strong, anti-gun statement. The likes of Steve Carell, Adam McKay, Bryan Cranston and Patricia Arquette were among the attendees wearing bracelets with “#Enough” inscribed […]

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Obama Lectures Congress and Media on Guns: ‘As Long as I Hold Office I’m Going to Keep Bringing This Up’

Responding to a shooting the day before in Kansas, President Barack Obama said the public and news media “cannot become numb” to gun violence, and insisted that the country needs a Congress that won’t shy away from new gun control laws. En route to Jacksonville, Florida, aboard Air Force One, Obama spoke to Hesston, Kansas, […]

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‘Heckuva Gaffe’: Clinton References Constitution While Talking Gun Control, Then Makes Obvious Error

Democratic front-runner Hillary Clinton confused the U.S. Constitution with the Declaration of Independence while making an argument for gun control Wednesday. “92 percent of the American people agree with what I have said and what you have talked about,” Clinton told host Steve Harvey. “And 85 percent of gun owners agree with that.” “So we […]

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