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Remington Held Responsible For Louisiana Hunting Accident

Remington was ordered by a Louisiana judge to pay $500,000 to Precious Seguin for a personal injury sustained from one of the gun manufacturer’s products. The settlement falls under the Louisiana Products Liability Act, which awards consumers reimbursement for damage caused by a manufacturer’s products. According to Seguin, she was injured during a hunting excursion with […]

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CCW Weekend: When Your Attacker Is A Dog

I monitor news reports – admittedly not with the utmost assiduity but with regularity – for incidents involving concealed carriers, usually with the hopes of discovering some sort of common theme that is or could be of use to anyone who cares to read it. Something that I’ve noticed is that I stumble across as […]

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GUNS OUT: 2A Group Targets Anti-Gun Legislators

Things are getting heated in the gun world, especially with gun control advocates doing everything in their power to defeat the Second Amendment. But there’s one group who has ramped up their pulled cards out of their back pocket: Gun Owners of America (GOA). Earlier this week, GOA submitted a letter to the House Energy and Commerce Committee expressing […]

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Public Health Study Says Law-Abiding Gun Owners to Blame for Cops Being Shot

Earlier this week, the American Public Health Association published a bogus new study on how gun legislation impacts officer-involved shootings. The APHA looked at fatal police shootings been January 1, 2015, through October 31, 2016. Altogether, 1,835 cases were evaluated. Their conclusion: “Legislative restrictions on firearms are associated with reductions in fatal police shootings.” “We suspect […]

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House Passes Legislation to Protect Police Officers

On Thursday, the House of Representatives voted in favor of House Resolution 115, also known as the Thin Blue Line Act. The bill expands the aggravating factors of a police officers death, which could carry a death sentence in federal cases. Currently, the killing of a federal law enforcement officer is cause for the death penalty. […]

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New Gander Mountain Leadership Offers Fans $75,000 For New Logo

Gander Mountain’s new CEO, Marcus Lemonis, is a smart business man. After all, he does host “The Profit,” and makes businesses profitable again. Now that his company, Camping World Holding, Inc. has purchased Gander Mountain, the sporting goods store is going through a complete rebranding process. From a marketing and public relations standpoint, it’s genius! Not only do loyal […]

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San Francisco Shuts Down Online Gun Retailers Over ‘Repair Kits’

Inconceivable as it may be, things are getting even crazier in the Golden State. The City of San Francisco just settled a lawsuit with online gun retailers. According to the city, online firearms suppliers were going around California’s high-capacity magazine ban by selling “repair kits,” which a gun owner could then turn into a 10 plus round magazine. […]

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