Candidate Berated For Being A Straight, White, Male

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“Just so we are clear – it’s NOT ok to be White… not in 2017”

Spencer Raymond just announced he would be running for city council in Portland, Oregon—but leftist mobs are livid.

Apparently, the left thinks Raymond is too white, straight, and cisgender to hold elected office. They also take special offense that, by declaring his candidacy, he’ll be running against three “women of color” candidates for the vacant seat.

Spencer, who was a newscaster for Oregon Public Broadcasting, has a sterling record of liberal beliefs. But his gender, skin color, and sexuality, apparently, mean that other liberals want nothing to do with him.

“Why in the world are you running for this seat? There are three women of color who have much more experience than you in this race,” demanded a man named Rich Rodgers, on Raymond’s official Facebook page. “Why do you think you are read to

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