Canadian Man’s License Plate with Last Name Revoked…Deemed Offensive

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A Canadian man is heading to court to argue his right to have his name on his license plate after it was deemed inappropriate and offensive. His last name is “Grabher.” Now if we were to rewind about 20 years, this probably wouldn’t be  a problem….but given today’s circumstances, it can be taken out of context. Poor guy.

Lorne Grabher has his name on his license plate for over 25 years, and now the Nova Scotia Registrar of Motor Vehicles has decided that it is offensive.


Heatstreet reports:

Lorne Grabher’s plight went international after the license plate was banned following the leak of Donald Trump’s 2005 “grab her by the pussy” comment. during the 2016 presidential election.

Speaking for Grabher, Canada’s Justice Centre for Constitutional Freedoms argues that the removal of the plate violates his right to free expression. At

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