California’s Strict Gun Control Laws Cause Increase in Ghost Guns

The following excerpt is from an article that originally appeared on Keep and Bear

When will lawmakers learn that only law-abiding citizens obey the laws? Criminals are called criminals for the very fact that they don’t obey the law or laws and as such regardless of how many anti-gun laws a city, county, state or nation passes criminals will find a way to obtain what they want usually through illegal means.

California Democrats have been racing to become the most anti-gun state in all of America, but their politicians fail to understand that it’s only hurting the good guys, while driving the bad guys to other means of obtaining firearms and in a growing number of cases, those firearms are ghost guns, homemade with no serial number or any means of legal identification or tracing to the owner.

( – A FOX 11 special report is taking you into the world of “ghost guns”, homemade firearms that have no serial number or

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