Californians Buying Guns as State Passes More Anti-Gun Laws

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National gun sales soared during the 8 years of the Obama reign. His and Democrat’s anti-gun agenda prompted hundreds of Thousands of Americans to buy more guns or buy their first guns. They wanted to buy them while the could and before such purchases were banned by those who strip the of their constitutional right of self-defense.

With Democrats in a strong majority in both the state House and Senate, California is passing mas many anti-gun laws as possible, some of which may still be contested in the courts.

Like what happened under Obama, California residents are buying guns like crazy and 40% of all gun purchases are first time buyers.

(Ammoland Shooting Sports News) – Those who campaign for a disarmed population take comfort in persuading themselves that gun ownership is declining in the United States.

This is the primary goal, after all. If gun ownership is

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