Bureaucrats Conspiring To Keep College Kids Unemployed

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“I sure wish that the job fair wasn’t shut down by the government ‘equality’ police…”

The Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EOOC) is trying to shut down high school and college job fairs. They claim that these job fairs discriminate based on age, and are unfair – and therefore need to be shut down across the nation.

EEOC the is responsible for policing discrimination in the workforce, and has claimed that the businesses that recruit young people for entry level positions violate the age discrimination laws. Their argument is based off of the legal principle of “disparate impact,” in which a difference in outcome in the marketplace are always seen as a result of hidden discrimination and bigotry. For example, under the logic of “disparate impact,” public urination was decriminalized in New York City because minorities were the most frequently busted.

If the EOOC is successful in changing the law, it

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