Bundy Dismissal Is a Warning to Gun Owners

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On Monday, word came down that charges against Nevada Rancher Cliven Bundy and the rest of his co-defendants had been dismissed by U.S. District Judge Gloria Navarro — with prejudice.

In 2014 Bundy, you will remember, along with his two sons and a “militiaman” had been involved in an armed standoff with agents of the Bureau of Land Management over grazing fees on public land.

BLM maintained he owed more than $1.3 million in fees and tried to round his cattle up.

The problem is, he tried to pay it.

… documents obtained by the Las Vegas Sun show Bundy tried to pay his debt — at least once. He just sent the check to the wrong government agency.

A check for $1,961.47 was issued to Clark County in March 1994 with the intention of clearing the Bunkerville rancher of grazing fees owed from March

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