Bill to Slash Concealed Carry Fee Beelines to Texas Governor

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Texas legislators just finished the last touches on a new bill, and have sent it off to Governor Greg Abbott. If passed, the Lone State’s concealed carry permit fee will be greatly reduced!

I sure wish Georgia lawmakers would work on this as well!



On May 11, Texas Senate gave their final nod of approval for SB 16, which was agreed upon in a landslide, with a 26-5 vote. In the passing of the bill, permit fees will be slashed from a whopping $140 to a more affordable $40 for first-time applicants, and from $70 to $40 for permit renewals.

There should not be such a large fee to pay to have the right to defend yourself! I am on board with Texas lawmakers on this one. reports:

The measure was backed by Lt. Gov. Dan Patrick as a legislative priority

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