Bill Nye Gets Slammed From All Fronts Over Hurricane Rant

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After you lost your house, and everything you own – a lecture from Bill Nye is EXACTLY what you want to hear!

Bill Nye, the “Science Guy” from a hit educational show from the late 90s, and noted global warming alarmist took to the airwaves to describe how Hurricane Irma and Harvey are the fault of man-made climate change.

During an interview with Dan Rather, Bill Nye took pains to explain that Hurricane Irma was caused by people not taking global warming seriously enough.  “It’s the strength that is almost certainly associated with global warming,” Nye said. “As the world gets warmer and there’s more heat energy in the atmosphere, you expect storms to get stronger. You also expect ocean currents to not flow the way they always have. That will make some places cooler and some warmer.”

Bill Nye continued, “We’re all gonna pay for Harvey, we’re all gonna

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