Bill Introduced To Push Back NY SAFE Act Pistol Recert Deadlines

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The NY SAFE Act law requires people with even lifetime permits to “recertify.” In other words, the word “lifetime” only means for as long as the state of New York thinks it should last. NY Governor Andrew Cuomo is kind of like Darth Vader here:

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However, there are problems. A whole pile of folks haven’t recertified, and at least one lawmaker states that many of his constituents haven’t been notified they need to.

That lead Republicans in New York–yes, apparently such a thing really does exist–to introduce a bill that will push back the deadline for recertification.

Two New York Republicans want to pump the brakes on a problematic plan to recertify 1.25 million pistol permit holders and kick it down the road.

The permits, required to own a handgun in the state, are set to expire at the end of the month due

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