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Officials Say Michigan Man Acted In Self-Defense, Illustrates The Typical Defensive Gun Use

A Canton, MI man is off the hook after officials ruled his shooting of another man was self-defense. The 26-year-old man was at a woman’s home when the woman’s ex-boyfriend entered the premises and attacked him. A 26-year-old Ypsilanti man acted in self-defense when he fired a shot that wounded another man’s leg and grazed his scrotum […]

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Combating Gun Violence Without Gun Control

Despite the constant prattling by gun control advocates, the key part of the phrase “gun violence” isn’t the word “gun” but the word “violence.” Without the violence, there would be no issue to exploit. Yet time and again, the anti-gun left maintains a laser-like focus on the guns rather than address anything else. Now, the National […]

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AP Focuses Spotlight On LGBTQ Gun Group

I get the feeling the Associated Press doesn’t really get gun owners. So often, their stories are so heavily biased against law-abiding gun owners that you can’t help but get the feeling that despite their claims of being unbiased observers of news, they’re really just trying to shape the narrative. Of course, that’s because they […]

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Spike’s Tactical And Their Snowflake Lower

The folks at Spike’s Tactical know who their market is. They aren’t worried about playing nice with progressive who want to put them out of business. They’re not interested in offering up platitudes designed to make them seem friendly to the anti-gun forces in hopes that somehow they’ll be left alone in a gun grabber’s […]

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Treating The First Like The Second

Rights are rights. They’re supposed to apply to each of us equally and they’re supposed to be treated equally in turn. The Bill of Rights in particular enshrined sacred rights that apply to each and every one of us. Yet it never fails that some people see no problem limiting the Second Amendment while actively […]

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Chicago Area Judge In Hot Water After Firing His Gun

Negligent discharges happen. They shouldn’t but they do. Often, they seem to happen to the people who should know better. People like police officers, gunsmiths, firearm instructors, and so on. One Chicagoland judge found his life flipped upside down after what appears to have been a negligent discharge on his part. Circuit Judge Patrick O’Shea, […]

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