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Sharia Law Supporter To Give Commencement Address At Taxpayer-Funded College

And how is this acceptable in America? A controversial supporter of Palestine and the Sharia law has been designated as the commencement speaker of the City University of New York’s Graduate School of Public Health. WCBS-TV reported that CUNY’s public health graduate school has appointed Linda Sarsour to give the commencement speech on June 01. […]

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EPA Head has Easy Way to Make 25% Workforce Cut

Hey boss, come look at this! With workers who reportedly drink, watch porn, and smoke marijuana at work, the Environmental Protection Agency has been perforated with employee misconduct. For EPA Administrator Scott Pruitt, who is now looking forward to layoff at least 25 percent of the 15,000 employees at the government agency, inspector general reports […]

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Fake Deportation Notices Cause Outrage At Harvard

At least two minority student organizations have issued apologies after fake news regarding deportation circulated on campus scared students. Notices from the imaginary “Harvard Special Investigations Unit” warned students that a student, residing in their dorm had been apprehended to be detained indefinitely. According to The Harvard Crimson, the notices were posted by the Harvard […]

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Anti-Trump “Mega March” Fails To Attract Crowds After Boastful Expectations

Heeellllooo??? Is this the march against Trump? Chanting strong pro-illegal immigrant, pro-amnesty, and open border slogans at a so-called “mega march,” protestors marched through downtown Dallas on Sunday. However, the “mega march” failed to attract the expected numbers. Called an interfaith “family, unity, and empowerment” march, the 2017 Dallas Mega March pushed for “real immigration […]

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Use of “Mankind” Penalized by University for Being Gender-Specific

Wait, I didn’t do anything! Caitlin Jeffers, a Northern Arizona University English major is reportedly facing academic repercussions for the use of word “mankind,” instead of the more gender neutral “humanity” in an essay. While most dictionaries define “mankind” as “the human race,” which is considered to be gender inclusive, Professor Anne Scott at the […]

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US Responds To Syria’s Use of Chemical Weapons With Missile Attack

US forces launched a missile strike in Syria Thursday night, responding to a chemical attack earlier this week. Officials believe the use of chemical weapons on a rebel-controlled village in northern Syria was perpetrated by Syrian President Bashar al-Assad. The missile strike on airfields, which reportedly killed seven people, was ordered by President Trump, a […]

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