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Iran Working With Latin Drug Lords To Spread Terror

“Hola Akbar!” Iran is now actively supporting and funding organized crime, and paramilitary groups in South America, in a bid to foment terror and attack the US. The tri-border region of South America, where Argentina, Brazil, and Paraguay converge, is of the special concern given the ongoing presence of Hezbollah militants, as they operate in […]

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Public Sector Union Power To Be Cut Down To Size?

Proof that Justice’s scales are still fair! Twenty states are now backing a lawsuit that seeks to overturn a mandatory union membership for public sector employees, arguing that forcing them into paying fees is akin to “the forced subsidization of a political party.” The states, which are led by Michigan Attorney General – Bill Schuette […]

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Court Slams Officer For Shooting At Carjacker

Do the courts think it’s racist to enforce the law? A Chicago police officer, Marco Proano, was sentenced to 5 years in prison, for shooting at teen thugs, who were attempting to flee in a stolen car. The court also decided that the attempt at law enforcement violated the civil rights of the African American […]

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Feds Bust Chain Of Criminal Illegals

Build the Wall! Deport them ALL! A suspected MS-13 gang member has very recently been arrested and charged with first-degree murder after a man was stabbed for more than 100 times and then was buried in a Maryland park, authorities had said. Miguel Angel Lopez-Abrego, 19, was taken into custody earlier this month after an […]

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Is This Ground Zero For The New Police State?

“Alrighty boys, we caught it all on camera – are you gonna come quietly? Under the aegis of public safety, New Orleans police forces are building a modern surveillance infrastructure of video cameras, microphones, facial recognition technology, and license-plate readers. All in a desperate bid to stem the rampant crime within the city. “We will […]

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The Left Debates Trump Impeachment Plans

How can we impeach him if they aren’t buying our Russian story anymore? The Democratic Legislative Campaign Committee – DLCC has been highlighting the possibility of impeaching President Donald Trump as a way to rake in money for the organization even as the top Democrats try to quiet such talk from official party groups. The […]

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