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Customer Steps Up to Stop a Hatchet-Wielding Masked Man From Wreaking Havoc at a 7-Eleven

A 7-Eleven customer with a concealed carry permit shot and killed a masked hatchet-wielding man in Washington state on Sunday morning. The incident occurred around 5:45 a.m. at a 7-Eleven in King County, Washington, just south of Seattle, according to KCPQ-TV. The convenience store’s clerk, a 58-year-old Seattle man, told investigators that the masked man […]

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Here’s What Citizens in a Massachusetts City Must Do to Apply for a Handgun License

Outraged critics in Lowell, Massachusetts, are denouncing the city’s new law that will require those applying for a license to carry handguns to submit a personal “essay” and pay roughly $1,100 toward a set of training classes. The Lowell law, which was lauded by Police Superintendent William Taylor and subsequently passed through the City Council, […]

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A Call to Arms: Sheriffs Urge Citizens to Carry Guns in ‘the First Line of Defense’ in Fighting Crime

Sheriffs across the country are becoming more vocal about the need for U.S. citizens to arm themselves as they prepare for possible terrorist attacks and shootings, according to an article published by the Washington Post on Monday. Many proponents of the Second Amendment speculate that sheriffs’ increased calls for arming citizens have arisen from the […]

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Man Pens Open Letter to the ‘Angry’ Anti-Gun ‘Liberal’ Who He Sat Next to on Train — and Lets Him in on a Big Secret

One Boston rail commuter wrote an open letter to the man he sat next to on the train, telling him in an article published on Saturday that he was “the gun owner you hate” as he revealed that he carried his semiautomatic pistol during his commute that day. In the piece published in the Boston […]

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Miles Away From Oregon, the Longest Armed Standoff in U.S. History Quietly Comes to a Close in Texas After 15 Years

A nearly 15-year armed standoff along the Trinity River in Texas quietly came to a close Wednesday after a reporter informed John Joe Gray that a district attorney actually had dropped the charges against him way back in December 2014. This longest armed standoff in U.S. history began in 1999 when Gray, a carpenter linked […]

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Baltimore Sun Editor Calls for ‘Searchable Database’ of Gun Owners

An editor from the Baltimore Sun called for the creation of a publicly available database listing gun owners and their respective locations in an opinion piece published Thursday in the wake of President Barack Obama’s announcement of an executive order calling for the expansion of background checks in gun sales. In her piece titled “Do You […]

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Why Did YouTube Shut Down One of the Most Popular Gun Channels?

Hickok45′s fans and subscribers were shocked to discover when they logged onto YouTube Wednesday morning that the popular firearm-toting channel had been shut down for “repeated violations of Google’s policies.” Hickok45’s YouTube channel shutdown — (@Guns_com) January 6, 2016 The YouTube channel features segments following “Hickok45″ as he shoots from a vast array […]

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