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Leftist Groups Using Tax Money To Bail Out Protesters

“Alright sir, come with me – this way to your SOROS PAYOUT” A leftist nonprofit that offered to pay the legal and transportation expenses of tax reform protestors receives tens of millions of dollars from the government, according to records obtained by Judicial Watch. The New York City-based group, Housing Works, describes itself as a “healing community of […]

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Congress Proves Untouchable From Harassment Claims

My lawyer told me if I say I’m really really sorry I won’t get in trouble Of all the high-profile men that have gone down recently for sexual harassment, none of the accused politicians have suffered any consequences indicating that elected officials are immune from punishment. In the last few weeks powerful entertainment figures, prominent […]

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Judicial Watch: New Classified Clinton Emails Discovered

“Hmm, yea – I should probably delete that email chain I had with john, about last Saturday’s pizza party.” Judicial Watch today released 109 pages of new Hillary Clinton emails from her tenure as secretary of state. The documents include two email exchanges classified confidential and a 2011 exchange with Sid Blumenthal about “serious trouble for the […]

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Obama Era Slush Funds Persisting Under Trump Admin

Your government at “work” A federal housing program that blew $8.1 million on employee outings, parties, lunches and gifts has defied orders to recover the money, asserting that only 1% of the cash was misspent. Barack Obama launched the scandal-plagued program, known as Hardest Hit Fund, to help families hit by the housing crisis and it […]

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Pentagon Blows Millions On Afghanistan Military Training Center

We paid $4 million for mud walls?! In the latest of a slew of corrupt Afghanistan reconstruction projects, the U.S. government blew more than $4 million on a shoddy military training center in Kabul, according to a federal audit released this month. It’s part of a broader, fraud-infested initiative that nevertheless keeps receiving huge sums of American […]

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Border Patrol Computer System Broken – Immigrants Not Getting Screened

“”Our computer isn’t working, I guess you are all free to go…” The computer system used by the Department of Homeland Security’s (DHS) front-line border protection agency is slow, frequently blacks out and can’t prevent the entry of inadmissible aliens with “harmful intent,” a disturbing federal audit reveals. Incredibly, thousands of Customs and Border Protection (CBP) agents […]

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US-Trained Counter Terrorism Agents May Be Terrorists

Wait, this is the plot of a bad action-adventure novel. The U.S. government spends upward of $100 million annually to provide foreign security and law enforcement personnel from developing nations with counterterrorism training but fails to vet them or assure they depart the county upon completion of the course. In some cases, the foreign nationals […]

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