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Dems To Put Up LGBT For Texas Candidate

This should be a laugh – so awkward! Liberal Dallas businessman, Jaffery Payne, pledged to spend a princely sum of one million dollars to run for governor of Texas in 2018 – against the massively popular incumbent, Governor Gregg Abbot. However, Payne’s business is a series of racy gay bars across Texas, and is himself […]

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Federal Investigation Into Hollywood Begins

We can’t let them get away with making Weinstein their fall man – They Are All Alike, They Are All Weinsteins! President Trump’s Justice Department is moving on superstar Hollywood producer (and former Hillary Clinton donor) Harvey Weinstein—ordering the FBI to open a probe into his sex crimes. The FBI has apparently begun moving quickly […]

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DC Conceal-Carry Rules In Chaos After Court Decision

We need nationwide reciprocity now! Enough of this madness… An appeals court overturned DC’s practical ban on conceal carry permits – under a fraudulently implemented legal standard that, in practice, prohibited concealed carry licenses from being issued in DC. However, the legal implications for permit holders was still deeply confusing as the courts and the […]

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Hollywood Gives Muted Reaction To Revelation Of Weinstein’s Perversion

Hollywood media elite have long worked with Hollywood entertainment elite to cover and obscure each other’s debased perversions One of Hollywood’s biggest producer, Harvey Weinstein, was fired from the company that he founded after allegations of decades of sexual abuse allegations surfaced. The Board of Directors announced, “in light of new information about misconduct, Weinstein […]

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Pro-Life Politician Caught In Abortion Scandal

Hypocrisy? What are you, some sort of Politician!? On Wednesday, Rep. Tim Murphy of Pennsylvania announced that he will resign, effective October 21st. He was caught having pressured a woman he was having an affair with into getting an abortion. Murphy originally announced on Wednesday night that he would not be seeking re-election and would […]

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