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Obama Lectures Congress and Media on Guns: ‘As Long as I Hold Office I’m Going to Keep Bringing This Up’

Responding to a shooting the day before in Kansas, President Barack Obama said the public and news media “cannot become numb” to gun violence, and insisted that the country needs a Congress that won’t shy away from new gun control laws. En route to Jacksonville, Florida, aboard Air Force One, Obama spoke to Hesston, Kansas, […]

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Guess Who is Pro-Gun? Survey of College Professors Shows Surprising Views on Gun Ownership

Academia is generally viewed as a liberal bastion, but one survey finds that despite their broad political leanings, college professors who have studied the impact of guns on society believe ownership of firearms makes the country safer. The academic survey by Gary A. Mauser, a professor at Canada’s Simon Fraser University Beedle School of Business, and […]

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‘I Definitely Talk to the Men I Date About Guns’: Iconic Women’s Magazine Joins Bloomberg’s Anti-Gun Crusade

The women’s magazine Cosmopolitan announced Wednesday it’s partnering with the Michael Bloomberg-bankrolled anti-gun group Everytown for Gun Safety to promote gun control. The magazine is releasing its March issue with an editorial package and ad campaign titled, “Singled Out,” claiming that guns pose particular danger to single women because of disgruntled boyfriends who might own […]

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Virginia Concealed Carry Compromise Will Require State Police at Gun Shows

Virginia’s Democratic Gov. Terry McAuliffe and Republican lawmakers are announcing a compromise on gun laws Friday to lift a restriction on concealed carry in the state, while also placing state police at gun shows in the commonwealth. The compromise is an early settlement of what threatened to bottle up the legislative session after Virginia Democratic […]

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Obama Unveils New Gun Control Measures: ‘I Believe in the Second Amendment. It’s There, Written on Paper’

President Barack Obama when announcing executive actions on gun control, said some “constraints on the freedom” are acceptable to protect innocent people. “This is a ritual about this whole thing that I have to do. I believe in the Second Amendment. It’s there written on the paper,” the president said in the East Room Tuesday […]

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