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Essay-Writing Requirement to Get Gun Permit as Unconstitutional As Can Be

Truly, it’s doesn’t get more unconstitutional than this. A small town in Massachusetts – Lowell, located about 35 miles from Boston – has apparently decided the best way to keep criminals from shooting and killing innocent citizens is to make residents who want unrestricted carry permits first pen essays explaining just why, and then submit […]

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Loretta Lynch’s Mind-Boggling Bend of Truth on Obama’s Unilateral Gun Control

Boy, what a neat trick this is. President Barack Obama tells the American public he’s going to bypass Congress on gun control and instead, issue some unilateral commands. One of his leading lying ladies, aide Valerie Jarrett, follows that, to paraphrase, by spinning, “Oh, don’t be silly, Obama’s not really bypassing Congress – he’s just […]

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Obama Tears? Watch the Video — My Bet’s On Menthol

Watch the video. President Barack Obama wasn’t crying during his announced executive actions on gun control – he was faking. The production opens with Obama speaking of unalienable rights and the pursuit of happiness and how those high-schoolers at Columbine and first-graders at Newtown were deprived, due to lost lives from gun violence. He pauses […]

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