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Massive Anti-Gun Bias Exposed After Vegas Shooting

Exploiting a tragedy to push an anti-gun agenda? Just another day for the Mainstream Media! A report released by the Media Research Center on Monday surveyed how the top 3 major liberal networks were covering the issue of firearms legislation after the Las Vegas shooting. In the Media Research Center’s report, authored by Geoffrey Dickens, […]

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Student Sits For Pledge, Inspired By NFL

“Only a massive, indiscriminate, increases in welfare and food stamps will make me believe America is Just” – every single one of these damn protesters The family of 17-year-old black student, India Landry, of Windfern High school has filed a lawsuit against the school this Saturday, after Landry was expelled for refusing to stand during […]

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Robbery Suspect Sues Bystander That Stopped Him

If only they had declared it a “Robber Free Zone,” and this all would have been avoided! Ryan Flores, 30, the suspect of a robbery at a Starbucks in Fresno California, has filed a lawsuit against a Good Samaritan bystander, that subdued Flores before police could arrive. In the lawsuit, the robber, Flores, argues that […]

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Top Dems Pile On Trump Over DACA “Cruelty”

“Don’t take away our illegal voters! How are we supposed to win elections if only real Americans vote?” Democratic opposition to Trump’s plan to end the Obama-era Deferred Action on Childhood Arrivals (DACA) amnesty program has rapidly solidified in only a few short days. The roster of Democratic politicians, at all levels of government, who […]

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Alt-Left Calls NBA Legend A, “Black White Supremacist” Over Confederate Statues

Yet another word is destroyed by Leftist’s wild accusations and overuse… An article from a left-wing, black nationalist website is going after former NBA star Charles Barkley—calling him a “black white supremacist” because he believes African-American should focus on bettering themselves and their communities, rather than on perceived racism. “I’m not gonna waste my time […]

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