Appeal In Newtown Families’ Lawsuit Against Gun Companies Continues

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Federal law was supposed to end the nonsense of suing gun companies for the unlawful use of their products. The Protection of Lawful Commerce of Arms Act was a layer that was designed to end the punitive measures by gun control advocates who prey on families of people slain with a gun, an attempt to make it too costly to manufacture and sell guns in this country.

But that never stops the gun grabbers from trying.

Now, they’re trying a slightly different strategy on the subject with the families of children killed at Sandy Hook Elementary.

In the years since his 6-year-old son, Benjamin, was fatally shot at Sandy Hook Elementary School, David Wheeler has testified before state legislatures, lobbied members of Congress and sat beside his wife, Francine, as she delivered a speech during one of President Obama’s weekly addresses, pleading for changes to the nation’s gun

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