Antonia Okafor Delivers Powerful 2nd Amendment Address To Liberal New England College

The following excerpt is from an article that originally appeared on Bullets First

Bullets First had the pleasure of hitting the road this week and making our way to Mount Holyoke College to hear Antonia Okafor give a comprehensive and detailed defense of why the 2nd Amendment is for everyone no matter race, ideology, gender or location.  One place that Ms. Okafor is most adamant about where guns should be allowed are on college campuses so that women, who would otherwise be empowered to defend themselves against an attacker are not left at the mercy of those who would do them harm.

Apparently, not wanting to be raped is a controversial topic at nearby Hampshire college where, on the previous night, Ms. Okafor was to give an address but had it cancelled within 2 hours of her taking the stage with the lame excuse of the Hampshire Administration that female empowerment is “too controversial.”  In the following video Antonia goes into some specifics

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