Anti-Gun Groups Sending Photos of Vegas Shooting to GOP Lawmakers

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It’s ironic that when pro-life advocates send photos of aborted babies to lawmakers in hopes of getting them to take a stand for life and pass anti-abortion laws, that liberals scream and complain the photos are too graphic and don’t portray the truth about the issue.

But that’s exactly what liberal anti-gun groups are doing on the issue of gun control. They have targeted 8 weak Republicans who they believe can be persuaded to strip Americans of more of their constitutional gun rights by sending them graphic photos of the carnage at the scene of the Las Vegas mass shooting.

(The Hill) – A gun control group sent fliers to the White House and members of Congress with graphic images from the mass shooting earlier this year in Las Vegas.

The fliers — sent by the Massachusetts-based gun control group Stop Handgun Violence — invite recipients to “wipe the blood

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