Anglican Bishop On Why He’s Considering Carrying In The Pulpit

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Churches are sacred spaces, places where we go to connect with the Almighty. For many, that purpose is so sacred they don’t think don’t want to even think about the bad things that may happen while they’re worshipping. Unfortunately, Sutherland Springs eradicated that willful naivety so many have embraced. Now, many pastors are considering arming themselves. Many Christians are considering packing in the church as well.

An Anglican bishop and elected constable in Pennsylvania offered up his thoughts on why he’s now considering carrying in the pulpit, as well.

As a law enforcement officer, I carry a gun almost anywhere. But I never take it to my other workplace — a church. Besides being a state constable, I’m also a church rector and an Anglican bishop. I am, however, thinking of changing that personal gun ban for the greater good.

My reconsideration began this past Sunday

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