An Open Letter to Donald Trump

The following excerpt is from an article that originally appeared on Keep and Bear

Ben Shapiro, public speaker and author, wrote an open letter to  President Donald Trump, and it is directly on point. The letter tells Trump to stop shooting himself in the foot and stop worrying about dealing with all the “haters” and get going. If anyone or anything will be the downfall of Donald Trump, it’s Donald Trump himself.

The letter starts out:


Dear President Trump,

I’m under no misimpression that you give a damn what I think. Obviously, you feel you’ve been well served by listening not to your critics but to your sycophants; you clearly believe that being reinforced in your behavior by those around you makes you a stronger leader, rather than a weaker one.

I get it, too. I understand that you’re under fire nearly all the time, and that it’s dangerous to take every critique seriously.

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