An Armed Person is a Citizen, an Unarmed Person is a Subject

The following excerpt is from an article that originally appeared on Keep and Bear

By Allen West

Barack Obama and the progressive socialist left made no bones about being anti-Second Amendment.


As well, there was a huge concern about a potential Hillary Clinton presidency on the same issue, which we shared with y’all on these pages.

I have found it incredibly perplexing how the liberal progressive left is always creating new rights: the right to own a home, a right to health care, the right to a free college education, a right to marriage. But, when it comes to our most basic unalienable right, established in the Declaration of Independence, endowed by our Creator: the right to life. The left always finds a way to deny, obfuscate, or dismiss that critical first right.

And, the best way to preserve your right to life, as well as those other first amendment rights in the Constitution, is the Second

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