9th Circuit: You Can OWN Guns But Have No Inherent Right To BUY Guns

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The 9th Circuit is the most ridiculed appellate court in the nation for good reason and it is no surprise that their rulings, when appealed to the Supreme Court, almost always get overturned (to the tune of 80% of the time).

This recent verdict in the case of John Teixeira CalGuns, Second Amendment Foundation, California Association of Federal Firearm Licencees vs the County of Almeda is one of those rulings that will almost surely get vacated once the Supreme Court gets the case.

The case basically breaks down to the fact that the County of Alameda can enact an end around gun control policy by not allowing any firearm businesses to be conducted in the county.  One could understand why the Cal-FFL had gotten involved in this en banc lawsuit.

This case was pretty straightforward and the opinion

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